3 NFL teams that should swoop in to stop Frank Clark from re-signing with Chiefs

A Frank Clark reunion with the Chiefs seems likely, unless one of these three teams goes after the Broncos pass-rusher.

Frank Clark, Denver Broncos
Frank Clark, Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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Just a handful of weeks into his one-year deal, Frank Clark is going to be released by the Denver Broncos following the team's inability to find a willing trade partner. The veteran pass-rusher would likely only have gotten a conditional seventh-rounder or a late-round pick swap, so no one's too surprised Clark didn't get moved. At least he didn't go to the 49ers.

After Randy Gregory, Clark is the Broncos' second veteran defender to potentially find a new home in the 2023 season. The 30-year-old played just two games (36 snaps) this year; he has 58.5 sacks in his entire nine-year career. Some may call him washed-up, others may see an opportunity to add depth to underperforming defenses.

The floodgates may open after Clark's exit, leading to a massive diaspora of Broncos talent who are sick of losing to the Chiefs and sick of losing in general.

On Friday, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Chiefs are in line to sign Clark when he hits free agency. For the same reasons as Gregory going to the 49ers, the rest of the league should be concerned.

Here are three teams who could swoop in for Clark and steal him from his former team.

3. Las Vegas Raiders need a Frank Clark to give pass rush some life

Why not start with a classic AFC West rival? The Broncos are not dumb enough to trade Clark to a divisional opponent. Give Sean Payton and Co. credit for that.

However, when Clark hits the open market in the coming days, the Raiders have every reason to snatch him up.

For one, they don't want the Chiefs to keep getting better. For another, the 2-3 Raiders currently sit third in the division and will be jostling with the ever-unlucky Chargers for playoff footing. Bringing on a veteran like Clark could help stabilize things in the locker room and also add a rotational piece to operate alongside star Maxx Crosby in the defense.

Seeing Clark in a Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders jersey feels criminal. Yet Las Vegas wouldn't just be doing this to stick it in Andy Reid's face -- they really, truly need the pass-rushing help. Other than Crosby, no Raiders defender has tallied more than one sack in 2023. Clark could thrive in Vegas' 4-3 defensive alignment and maybe even take down his first victim next week when the Raiders play the bumbling Mac Jones and the Patriots.