3 Kenny Pickett replacements who can lead Steelers to a Super Bowl next season

Highlighting the key QB options that could elevate the Pittsburgh Steelers to Super Bowl contenders next season.
Green Bay Packers v Pittsburgh Steelers
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1. Trade for Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys made an interesting move earlier in the year when they traded for the former third-overall pick Trey Lance. It sparked rumors of Dak Prescott's time in Dallas coming to a close. They would need to trade the veteran QB, as releasing him wouldn't make any sense.

Not many teams would be willing to take on Prescott's contract, as he's owed a ton of money over the next few seasons. It would only make sense for the teams that feel they're a QB away from becoming a contender. The Steelers seem like one of those teams.

In nine games this season, the 30-year-old QB has thrown 17 touchdowns and tallied 2,415 passing yards. Prescott went off in his most recent game, throwing for over 400 yards and four touchdowns. He also completed 26/35 of his passes.

Prescott is still one of the NFL's top QBs, but he's been with the Cowboys for eight seasons. They haven't reached the NFC Championship with the former fourth-round pick, and we all know Jerry Jones wants championships.

We see great QBs leave the team they were drafted by and thrive all the time. Matthew Stafford, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning are all recent examples of QBs who had successful second stints.

It would likely take a lot for the Steelers to convince the Cowboys to trade Prescott to them. A trade for the 30-year-old would be a blockbuster one, but it would give the Steelers a real shot at contending for a Super Bowl.