3 NFL quarterbacks who must be benched after Week 12

Here are the quarterbacks who weren't up to snuff in Week 12 of the NFL season.

Mac Jones, New England Patriots
Mac Jones, New England Patriots / Kevin R. Wexler / USA TODAY NETWORK
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The Week 12 NFL slate has provided us with plenty to pick apart at the quarterback position. The New England Patriots and New York Giants engaged in a classic rock fight. The Atlanta Falcons re-took first place in the NFC South with Desmond Ridder under center. And man, Bryce Young continues to look not great despite his No. 1 pick billing.

When deciding which QBs deserve a ticket to the pine, however, it's important to weigh a variety of factors. Who can replace them? What is the risk versus the reward? A postseason team generally isn't going to change QBs, unless under extreme circumstances. In the case of Young, the Carolina Panthers would be absolutely insane to bench him at 1-10. It's tank time, and these are valuable reps for a player who clearly needs them.

So, as the sift through the Week 12 games, here are the QBs who most deserve a trip to the bench — and whose teams could benefit from such a move.

Jets should bench Tim Boyle because we know how this ends

The New York Jets handed the offense over to Tim Boyle for Friday's matchup with the Miami Dolphins. It didn't go terribly well, as Boyle completed 27-of-38 pass attempts for 179 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions in the Jets' 34-13 loss.

It's difficult for any team to keep pace with the Dolphins' explosive offense, but it's especially difficult for a third-string QB starting the season cold in Week 12. Robert Saleh tried his best to keep the team afloat with Zach Wilson, but a change was inevitable. Unfortunately, Boyle doesn't inspire much confidence either.

The Jets are essentially out of good options. Wilson doesn't have it, but at no point in his five-year NFL career has Boyle looked the part of a viable NFL starter. He has a career completion rate of 63.3 percent while averaging 4.97 yards per attempt for his career. He's 0-5 as a starter, with four touchdowns and 11 interceptions to his name.

New York can't keep beating a dead horse with Zach Wilson, but... Boyle isn't any better. The Jets' next man up would be Trevor Siemian, who has six NFL seasons and 30 starts (13-17) under his belt. Siemian has been a career backup for the most part, but he has more touchdowns (42) than interceptions (28), which is a good start. His low 58.9 percent completion rate is a concern, but he has 7,027 yards to his name in 35 total appearances. He can sling it a bit, and it's hard to imagine him being worse than Boyle or Wilson.

Whatever it takes until Aaron Rodgers gets back.