3 NY Jets who should be benched or fired after the blowout loss to the Dolphins

After a disappointing loss, the New York Jets face tough decisions on their offensive line and coaching staff.

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After Zach Wilson and the New York Jets gave their fans something to get behind with an impressive win over the Houston Texans, they followed it up with a horrendous Week 15 performance against the Miami Dolphins. Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is taking lots of heat, as his offense put a doughnut in the points column this past Sunday.

Wilson was running for his life in Week 15 thanks to the lousy offensive line performance. The 24-year-old QB took four sacks and exited the game early due to a concussion. As bad as his numbers looked, it's hard to grade Wilson's performance, considering he had minimal time to throw the ball.

The defense wasn't anything special either, and the Dolphins were missing their MVP-caliber wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Miami's QB Tua Tagovailoa finished with 224 passing yards and a touchdown, all while completing 21/24 of his passes.

All the moves the Jets made in the offseason were for nothing, as they will be missing the playoffs for the 13th straight season. They are now the holder of the longest postseason drought in America's four major sports.

Even with Rodgers going down in Week 1, head coach Robert Saleh had enough talented pieces to put together enough wins to remain in the playoff hunt. The four-time MVP is reportedly cleared to play, but with the postseason off the table, it wouldn't make sense for Aaron Rodgers to return.

Since the Jets bye week, they're 2-6. If they managed to put together a couple more wins, Rodgers could've returned for a playoff push. The defense has the potential to be great, but they've been held back by the lackluster offense giving the ball right back to opposing teams.

Next season when Rodgers does return, the Jets will have major expectations. This season a few pieces proved that they might not have what it takes to live up to those expectations. If New York wants to get to the playoffs in 2024, here are three changes that need to happen.

3. New York Jets must bench Mekhi Becton

Mekhi Becton was selected with the 11th overall pick by the Jets in 2020. In his rookie season, Becton gave the Jets fanbase hope he could turn into a long-term piece. Since then, he's been one of the most inconsistent tackles in the NFL.

This season the 24-year-old tackle has allowed nine sacks, which is second in the entire NFL. Becton has also committed ten penalties this season, which is third in the entire NFL.

As mentioned earlier, Wilson's numbers in Week 15 were nowhere near good. You can't put any blame on him though, since the offensive line was basically not there when he dropped back.

New York has dealt with lots of injuries on the offensive line this season, but Becton has missed only one game this season. He's been at the forefront of one of the worst offensive lines in football.

Over the offseason, the Jets declined to pick up Becton's fifth-year option, which means this is likely his last season in New York. With that being said, the team should give someone else a shot to prove themselves, while Becton slides to the bench for the remainder of the season.