3 Patriots rivals Bill Belichick can sign with in 2025 to get revenge on Robert Kraft

The Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft rivalry could get even more heated.
Jan 11, 2024; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft (left) and Patriots
Jan 11, 2024; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft (left) and Patriots / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason has seen plenty of surprises, but perhaps the biggest one of all was Bill Belichick failing to secure a head coaching job after departing from the New England Patriots.

Forget the fact that he didn't get a job, he didn't seem to even generate much public interest outside of some Atlanta Falcons buzz. Very strange for a coach with the resume of Belichick.

Turns out, Robert Kraft might've played a role in the bizarre lack of interest. The Patriots owner reportedly warned Falcons owner Arthur Blank to not trust Belichick. Perhaps Kraft's word is why Belichick is unemployed heading into the 2024 campaign.

Next offseason, Belichick is almost certainly going to throw his hat into the ring again looking for another head coaching opportunity. Perhaps he can latch on with one of these Patriots rivals to stick it to Kraft.

3) Bill Belichick can sign with the Eagles to get revenge on Robert Kraft

Remember Super Bowl 52? The Patriots faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles who were without Carson Wentz and couldn't get a stop. Tom Brady played one of the best games in Super Bowl history, but New England's Belichick-led defense gave up 41 points. Oh yeah, Malcolm Butler was controversially benched too, a decision Kraft still cannot comprehend.

Belichick signing with the Eagles not too long after Philadelphia beat them on the biggest stage would hurt a little, and makes a lot of sense.

The Eagles are a team that very well could be looking for a new head coach after the 2024 campaign. Nick Siriani remains employed for now, but with how poorly things ended for his Eagles last season, he has to be on at the very least relatively thin ice.

The Eagles did all they could this offseason to build a team capable of winning right now, acquiring a slew of players including Saquon Barkley, C.J. Gardner-Johnson, and Bryce Huff on top of an already formidable roster. It's a place where Belichick can win right now and stick it to Kraft.

2) Bill Belichick can sign with the Jets to get revenge on Robert Kraft

As fun as it'd be to see Belichick win with a loaded Eagles roster, the drama would elevate to a whole other level if he found his way back in the AFC East. Why not the New York Jets, the team he nearly ended up with before he was a Patriot?

This Jets team enters the 2024 season with Super Bowl or bust expectations. They might be a bit unfair since this team hasn't even made the playoffs since 2010, but that's what happens when you have 40-year-old Aaron Rodgers under center.

If this Jets team fails to win a Super Bowl or at least make a meaningful run, there's a very good chance Robert Saleh will lose his job. Saleh has an abysmal 18-33 record in his three seasons as New York's head coach, so one more disappointing year could be it for him.

Can you imagine Belichick with this Jets defense? They might be unstoppable. They should almost certainly play well against whoever is under center for the Patriots in 2025.

1) Bill Belichick can sign with the Bills to get revenge on Robert Kraft

Here's another AFC East team that could make a whole lot of sense for Bill Belichick in the 2025 season.

The Buffalo Bills are a team in need of at least somewhat of a reset. They've made the playoffs for five consecutive years but have yet to advance to a single AFC Championship Game despite rostering Josh Allen, arguably a top-three QB during that span.

Sean McDermott has not gotten the most out of this roster and chances are, after losing several key defensive pieces and also Stefon Diggs, the Bills will disappoint once again in 2024. If that happens, McDermott will almost certainly be fired. An argument could be made that he should've already lost his job.

Belichick might seem like more of a natural fit with the Jets, but remember what he was able to do with Brady? Allen might not be the player Brady was, but he's certainly capable of winning a Super Bowl, and Belichick has proven to be capable of building stout defenses.

The best way for Belichick to get revenge is to join the AFC East, beat the Patriots twice a year, and win another Super Bowl. That'd show Kraft that he made the mistake of not only moving on from Belichick but reportedly talking behind his back too.

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