3 players the Houston Rockets could realistically trade in 2023-24

With new head coach Ime Udoka and two expensive free agent additions Fred VanVleet and Dillon Brooks joining this summer, the Houston Rockets are attempting to transition out of their rebuild. Roster changes will continue to happen then, who could be on the move next season?

Apr 7, 2023; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. (3) brings the
Apr 7, 2023; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. (3) brings the / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Players the Houston Rockets could realistically trade next season: 1. Tari Eason

This move would not be an indictment of Tari Eason’s talent, but primarily he’d be a victim of a roster crunch. 

The Houston Rockets selected Tari with the 17th overall pick of the NBA Draft last summer. For most teams, it would be surprising to move a rookie this early in his NBA career especially after Eason had plenty of positive moments in his rookie season. 

But similar to the players listed before him, there just might not be enough minutes for Eason on this roster. The players he’s competing for minutes with have already been listed out and unfortunately, this is a common problem rebuilding teams run into. 

Acquiring a lot of draft picks is great, but those picks eventually turn into players, those players need minutes, and minutes are finite. For Eason, he could get squeezed out and moved to an organization that’d be happy to find playing time for a young two-way wing with upside. 

In return, the Rockets would likely be looking at more picks which is somewhat ironic, or a young player in another position that would fill a need for them. Maybe a younger backup center or point guard to help sure up their depth. 

Eason is a good player. He’s not listed here because of doubts over his ability and potential, but just because he’s a likely casualty of roster construction and the Rockets desire to improve. Should he be moved, expect him to thrive elsewhere.  

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