3 QBs Steelers can add after trading Kenny Pickett away to Eagles

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1. Steelers are still an option to trade for Justin Fields

Much like with Tannehill and the Steelers, it long seemed leading into the heat of the offseason that Pittsburgh was one of the primary and most logical suitors to make a trade with the Chicago Bears for quarterback Justin Fields. Once the club signed Wilson, though, the belief then seemed to be that they'd closed the door on the former first-round pick being an option.

The Pickett trade changes the calculus now -- as does the market around Fields right now.

For all intents and purposes, it appears as if the Bears are currently having a difficult time moving on from Fields, even working a bit of a PR campaign to try and diagnose why they haven't moved Fields. However, it's still merely a formality that he's going to be traded to make way for Caleb Williams. And the writing on the wall is that it would likely be to go back up a veteran.

That's now a massive need that the Steelers must address in the wake of the Pickett trade. But even better for the organization is that they now have an extra (and later) third-round pick from trading Pickett to potentially flip to Chicago for Fields or, even better, Fields' value has dipped and it may only take a Day 3 pick to land him.

Much like with Rattler, this could be a short-term and long-term plan for the Steelers. Fields obviously has some plus traits if he were needed in the event of an injury to Wilson, but he also has untapped potential in some people's minds that are worth looking into as a possible future franchise quarterback.

All told, if the Fields trade isn't back on the table for the Steelers, that's a misfire on the organization's part.

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