3 Raiders who won’t be back in 2024 after surviving trade deadline

The Las Vegas Raiders are a team in turmoil. Despite not having a high postseason potential. Las Vegas opted against trading stars at the deadline. Will it come back to haunt them?

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Raiders lost on Monday Night Football to the Detroit Lions. It wasn't pretty, as the Raiders offense struggled despite Jimmy Garoppolo's return. Jimmy G doesn't seem to be the answer at quarterback, but Vegas doesn't have an out on Garoppolo's contract until 2025.

Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs voiced their frustration after the Raiders recent loss, and it shined a spotlight directly on Josh McDaniels.

It's not a shocker Vegas chose against making a major deadline deal, as they didn't want to trade away draft picks, but also McDaniels cannot afford to send away top talent. He is under the microscope, and for good reason -- he could very well be fired this offseason. With that in mind, there are several Raiders who remain on the team after the deadline, but won't be as lucky this offseason.

Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels will be fired this offseason

Josh McDaniels is in for a world of hurt if the Raiders cannot turn their season around. It's likely why the team did not trade off significant assets on Tuesday. They have plenty of pending free agents. McDaniels is in charge of the offensive play-calling, and something is amiss in Vegas.

McDaniels and the Raiders made the decision to move off of Derek Carr this past offseason. While Carr hasn't performed up to par in New Orleans, Vegas's offense hasn't looked quite right either. Garoppolo isn't much better, despite his New England connection with McDaniels. As FanSided's Josh Wilson noted, Davante Adams wasn't happy (again) after his one-catch, 11 yard performance against the Lions.

"I wish I had the words to say something that's not gonna get blown up in the media and taken out of context," Adams said. He also said he felt, "frustration." Overall, given the circumstances, probably the best you can expect from a frustrated star player after such a disappointing loss and disappointing individual game."

Jacobs, meanwhile, stated he wasn't responsible for the team's offensive philosophy. That short answer says a lot.