3 teams that need to capitalize on bridge deal for Jordan Montgomery

With Cody Bellinger off the board, the focus of the free agent market now shifts to Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell.

Championship Series - Houston Astros v Texas Rangers - Game Five
Championship Series - Houston Astros v Texas Rangers - Game Five / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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1. Boston Red Sox

Out of all teams in Major League Baseball, no team needs a frontline starter like the Boston Red Sox do. It seems they're finally realizing that as well.

Their starting rotation has been one of the main culprits for why they have struggled so badly in recent years, finishing last in the AL East back-to-back years.

With the Rangers likely out on Montgomery, the opportunity is there for the Red Sox to make a statement and potentially make themselves a dark-horse Wild Card contender. Montgomery has also spent much of the offseason in Boston with his wife working at a Boston hospital.

The veteran left-hander would have the opportunity to remain in his current offseason home.

Boston did already sign Lucas Giolito and they also have young right-hander Brayan Bello, who appears to be on his way to becoming their homegrown ace. But Montgomery gives them something they haven't had in a while, a pitcher capable of taking the ball in postseason games and matching up with some of the best starters in the game.

The Red Sox can no longer get away with minor moves. They need to do something that moves the needle, and signing Montgomery would do just that for a team that hasn't tasted the postseason in three years.