4 Chicago Cubs who won't be back in 2025 after Cody Bellinger contract

The Chicago Cubs re-signed Cody Bellinger to a three-year contract this past weekend, but how will this decision impact Jed Hoyer and Co. moving forward?

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2. David Peralta was Cody Bellinger insurance for the Cubs

While the majority of David Peralta's outfield experience has come at the corners, he provided the Cubs with another big bat in the lineup in case Bellinger did not return to the team this season. Now that Bellinger is back, it would be a surprise to see Peralta receive much playing time, let alone a multiyear extension after the year is over.

It doesn't help that Peralta is still recovering from surgery to repair a torn flexor tendon. When ready, the expectation is that he'll be added to the active roster, but the former silver slugger is playing from behind in that aspect.

Peralta is a former silver slugger who should receive at-bats in the DH or corner outfield spot. He also won a gold glove in the years prior to his injury. Assuming the Cubs are able to keep Bellinger around beyond this season, they have plenty of outfield depth looming, including Pete Crow-Armstrong in the minor leagues.

Peralta was a nice buy-low addition, but he won't be signing a long-term deal with the Cubs.