4 Milwaukee Brewers who won't be back after NL Wild Card series defeat

The Milwaukee Brewers fell to the Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 2 of the NL Wild Card series, thus ending their season. Next year's team could look a lot different.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Milwaukee Brewers
Pittsburgh Pirates v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages
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The Brewers postseason got off to a rather miserable start prior to Game 1 against the Arizona Diamondbacks, when Brandon Woodruff was declared out for the series, thus seriously testing Milwaukee's pitching depth.

After Corbin Burnes fell in Game 1, Counsell handed the ball to Freddy Peralta in Game 2, and it did not go according to plan. Milwaukee's pitching staff ultimately was the death of their once-promising season, though they also missed several opportunities with runners in scoring position.

Once the dust settles and the disappointment of 2023 is behind them, Matt Arnold will have to look forward to next season. Next year's roster should look much different, including in the dugout.

Milwaukee Brewers who won't be back: Craig Counsell

Craig Counsell is set to be one of the biggest managerial free agents in quite some time, as the longtime Brewers skipper is set to hit the open market once his contract ends this offseason. Prior to the start of the regular season, Counsell sounded open to staying in Milwaukee, but that was a long time ago at this point.

“I’m in a great place. I love doing what I’m doing. The ‘why’ is still intact – like, why I originally wanted to do this. It’s still front and center for me, and why I love the job. I’m happy. Mark [Attanasio] and I have had conversations and I’m sure those will continue. And meanwhile, I’ve got my feet in 2023 and I’m ready to go,” Counsell said in February.

Just prior to the postseason, Counsell was asked again about his looming departure, and he did not shy away from the question.

“I’m not under contract, so if other people ask, I’m not going to ignore it,” Counsell said,according to The Athletic.

The executive who hired Counsell, former Brewers general manager David Stearns, has since signed on with the New York Mets after taking a year off. It just so happens the Mets have a managerial opening following the dismissal of Buck Showalter.

This all adds up to Counsell likely leaving, barring a surprise.