5,000 players already signed up for EA Sports College Football 25 video game

As the wait for the new college football video game shortens every day, EA Sports has announced that they have been able to get more than 5,000 athletes to join the game.

Oregon State v Colorado
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College football is slated to have its first video game since 2013, and fans have wondered if everything will go according to plan. It seems like the EA Sports video game is scheduled to release this summer and will likely have at worst most of the players currently playing. EA's John Reseburg tells Pete Nakos of One3NIL, more than 5,000 college athletes have signed on their name and likeness to the new upcoming EA Sports College Football 25 video game.

Each player who signed on to the game was given 600 dollars and a copy of the video game in return for the right for EA Sports to use them in the game. Players who signed on to the game were given something to post to promote the fact that they will be in it. One example is Travis Hunter's Twitter/X post after he signed on his likeness to the game. With College Football stars signing on left and right, it is fair to question if every player will be in the game.

Will every player be in the EA Sports College Football 25 video game?

While the offer to be in the game is completely fair considering the amount of players that EA needs to sign, it's unknown if every college football player will be in the game. It's fair to note that just because a player doesn't sign right away doesn't mean that they will not sign on before the game releases.

EA Sports plans to use around 85 players per team. From there, OneTeam Partners, who is partnering with EA Sports for the NIL deal, will "manage agreements with eligible players, ensuring the representation of thousands of players from various college football programs in the highly-anticipated upcoming video game," per Nakos.

Thus far, all 134 FBS schools will be in the game. Additionally, broadcasters Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit will be on the call for the games. Jesse Palmer, David Pollack, and Kevin Connors will also be in the game.

No matter if no one else signs, the video game already has 5,000+ athletes who have already agreed to give up their likeness to be in EA Sports' new video game

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