How players can opt into EA Sports College Football video game and what they'll get

As the world gets ready for the EA Sports College Football video game, the compensation for the rights to players' image and likeness has been revealed.

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With the release of the new College Football video game coming closer and closer, the compensation for the athletes in the game has been revealed. According to Michael Rothstein of ESPN, all college football players who "opt-in" to have their name, image, and likeness will receive $600 and a copy of the video game.

Athletes would not receive any future compensation for appearing in other editions but can get out of future editions of the video game if they choose. Only the first 85 players on the roster will be eligible to have their names in the game. More high-profile college football stars could end up becoming ambassadors for the video game and earn more compensation.

It's unclear how much money the ambassadors can make for sponsoring the game but these athletes can be compensated more if they partake in more direct marketing materials for the game. With the compensation model revealed, is this something that can happen for future games?

Is this compensation model for EA Sports NCAA Football self sustaining?

To be quite honest, this compensation model seems to self sustaining. While there is a non-zero chance that the video game is a bit of a bust when it comes to sales, this video game will likely sell out when it comes to physical copies and reach records when it comes to virtual downloads.

Even though it is a little unfair to college football athletes who should be getting some kind of percentage when it comes to sales, this is the best way to make it work while making sure every player gets some compensation for their name, image, and likeness.

At the end of the day, the video game will likely be a huge success for everyone involved as this is the first release in 10 years. Additionally, Notre Dame just recently reached an agreement to be involved in the game.

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