5 coaches not named Kyle Shanahan who would have won a Super Bowl with 49ers already

It is getting really hard to defend Kyle Shanahan for continually coming up short in the big game.

Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers
Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers / Chris Unger/GettyImages
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Like clockwork, Kyle Shanahan's offenses just stop working in the fourth quarter and overtime periods in the Super Bowl. Shanahan's San Francisco 49ers took their foot off the gas once again and blew it to the Kansas City Chiefs. They lost Super Bowl 54 four years prior to the same team. One common thread has been Shanahan throughout. He even cost the Atlanta Falcons a Super Bowl, too.

For as much praise as he gets for offensive wizardry during the regular season, he continues to come up painfully short in the NFL's biggest game of the season. With how it ended for the 49ers in Las Vegas on Sunday night, there are no guarantees this loaded team will even get back. Although the Chiefs pulling off a three-peat would be unprecedented, the 49ers are my pick to have the hangover.

At some point, we are going to have to be critical of this juggernaut NFC team. They were the favorites going into Super Bowl 58. The 49ers roster was absolutely loaded. There are probably a half-dozen or so Hall-of-Fame level players on this team, yet it was Patrick Mahomes with a middling receiving corps raising the Lombardi Trophy yet again. So much of this has to fall on Shanahan.

Here are five active NFL head coaches who would have won San Francisco a Super Bowl already.

5 head coaches who would have already won a Super Bowl with the 49ers

5. Dan Campbell would have won a Super Bowl this year with these 49ers

Man, oh man, did Dan Campbell's fricking Detroit Lions blow it, man... Had the newest Motor City Mad Man decided to kick field goals or occasionally punt on fourth down, Detroit would have played in Super Bowl 58 over San Francisco. The Lions probably would have had a great chance to defeat the Chiefs had they played them. Campbell cracks the top five for me here strictly because of his buy-in.

Yes, he may have to answer some questions about being a football meathead this offseason for losing the NFC Championship Game like he did. However, Campbell has not-so-quietly become the archetype of what an NFL CEO head coach looks like. He is a leader of men who empowers his players and coaches to make a difference. Ultra-aggressive to his core, he wouldn't let up on the gas.

Prior to being hired by Detroit in 2021, Campbell was not a serious candidate to be a head coach. He was a position coach on the New Orleans Saints after getting a cup of coffee at sitting in the big chair as the former Miami Dolphins' interim. It would have taken Campbell up to this season to win the Super Bowl if he was in charge of the 49ers. His players would have fought a little bit harder for him.

Detroit is my pick to come out of the NFC for a reason next year, as Campbell's Lions are outstanding.