5 dream free agent targets for Atlanta Falcons if money was no object

The Atlanta Falcons may still target any number of these high-profile players in their free agencies.

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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3. Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins

The Minnesota Vikings also have a big offseason ahead of them when it comes to the quarterback position. For the right amount of money, Kirk Cousins could be back in the Twin Cities on a new contract. However, he wants a fully guaranteed deal coming off a major injury and is closer to 40 than he is to 30. The Vikings may draft his replacement while signing a temporary stop-gap this season.

Of all the quarterbacks hitting the market in free agency, Atlanta should want Cousins the most. There are some contingencies that may like Baker Mayfield, as well as Jameis Winston. However, if Atlanta goes in the direction of acquiring a quarterback via free agency, it has to be Cousins. He is the best player among those three. He can get this team over the top. Plus, his wife grew up in Alpharetta.

Truth be told, it would not shock me if the Falcons decided to pursue a quarterback in either free agency or the NFL Draft. They are picking at No. 8, which is about as early as Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy could be coming off the board. The Chicago Bears also have the No. 1 overall pick. Maybe they would consider trading Justin Fields to go lead his hometown team to the postseason?

Cousins to Atlanta may be met with mixed reviews, but he would be the best quarterback in-division.