5 former St. Louis Cardinals who should come back home this offseason

The St. Louis Cardinals are set for a busy offseason, one that could include reunions with some friendly faces. There are several former Cardinals on the free agent market.

St Louis Cardinals  v Chicago Cubs
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4. Jordan Montgomery

Bringing back Jordan Montgomery will come with a hefty price after he put together a solid postseason performance and guided the Texas Rangers to their first ever World Series title.

More than likely, the price will be north of $100 million. But the Cardinals appear to be committed to spending this winter, and Montgomery is somebody who could help them out.

Montgomery came to St. Louis from the New York Yankees in the Harrison Bader trade, only to be shipped off to Texas at this year's deadline due to the Cardinals falling out of contention early in the year.

St. Louis got Tekoah Roby, Thomas Sagesse, and John King in that deal.

Montgomery proved himself as a reliable postseason starter with Texas, and the Cardinals need arms that are going to give them a chance to win games in the postseason. The 30-year-old left-hander can help with that.

Montgomery won 10 games in 32 starts and posted a 3.20 ERA during the regular season between Texas and St. Louis. His last start with the Cardinals was a six-inning, three-run performance against the Chicago Cubs prior to the deadline.