5 Justin Herbert blockbuster trades that would send the NFL world into a frenzy

If Justin Herbert were to be traded this offseason, it could be to one of these five NFL franchises.

Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers
Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages
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1. Washington Commanders finally have some hope with Justin Herbert

In terms of making the biggest impact and the most seamless transition for both franchises, put Justin Herbert on the Washington Commanders. Trade Los Angeles your first-round pick this year, plus additional compensation, and there you go! Assuming the Commanders have a top-five pick this year, the Chargers cannot only get Herbert's replacement in the draft, but experience cap relief, too.

Because the Commanders play in the other league, it may not cost them as much to do business with the Chargers as it would the New England Patriots or Pittsburgh Steelers. Factor in Josh Harris taking over as majority owner, and we could be in for an offseason for the ages in the nation's capital. It may not just be a head-coaching change after all. Perhaps they go big-game hunting in the trade market?

In truth, I think a deal with the Commanders could be a way to keep Sam Howell around as a top-tier backup, as well as making Washington a more enticing place to come coach for if you want one of those 32 jobs in the big chair. The other big part in all this is Herbert's arrival in Washington would transform a long moribund franchise from a completely dead one into one worthy of talking about.

The Commanders are most definitely going to do something to command our attention this winter.

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