5 NBA superstar duos or trios we’d love to see formed for the 2024-25 season

All signs point toward a hectic offseason... here's what we'd like to see happen.

LeBron James, Stephen Curry
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2. Trae Young, Victor Wembanyama with Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs and Atlanta Hawks allegedly discussed a Trae Young deal before the trade deadline. It was never going to happen midseason. The Spurs are too deep in the NBA's basement. Next summer, however, when the standings reset... watch out.

A ton of teams will be interested in Young if he becomes available. The Los Angeles Lakers are an obvious point of interest, but let's have a little fun. The Spurs would pair Young with reigning No. 1 pick Victor Wembanyama, instantly forming the league's No. 1 League Pass duo. There isn't a more exciting blend of skill sets in the NBA. Young is the bubbly, innovative creator. Wemby is the destroyer of worlds — soon to be the NBA's most dominant play-finisher.

Aside from the general NBA learning curve, Wembanyama's greatest obstacle this season has been the lack of reliable shot creation around him on the Spurs roster. His best minutes often coincide with Tre Jones. A legitimate point guard would work wonders for Wembanyama, not to mention a pick-and-roll maestro of Young's caliber. The 7-foot-4 wunderkind has the widest catch radius in the NBA. Young can set him up for easy finishes all game long. Meanwhile, Wemby's versatility as a shooter would generate more space for Young to gash defenses down the middle and create off drives.

Guarding the Wemby-Young screen actions would be borderline impossible. Young's insane pull-up range is a constant strain on defenses. Wemby as the roll man is comically dynamic. He can rollick his way to the rim for a dunk, he can stop short for a floater or pull-up jumper, or he can deliver passes on the short roll. The Spurs would instantly create one of the most varied and explosive offensive duos in basketball.

The fit on defense is great, too. Young has improved at the point of attack this season, but he still requires a strong support system due to his lack of size. Especially in the playoffs. He cannot find a better backstop than Wembanyama, who currently leads the NBA with 3.2 blocks per game.