5 NBA superstar duos or trios we’d love to see formed for the 2024-25 season

All signs point toward a hectic offseason... here's what we'd like to see happen.

LeBron James, Stephen Curry
LeBron James, Stephen Curry / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
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1. LeBron James, Stephen Curry with Warriors

After more than a decade of historic battles and bitter rivalries, we've all imagined the idea of LeBron James and Stephen Curry on the same team at least once. The Golden State Warriors tried to make it happen at the deadline. The Lakers rejected it, but the fact that conversations even happened is notable. Teams are smelling blood in the water. If Los Angeles can't improve its standing and mount a deep postseason run, James will have to consider how he wants to finish his career.

Golden State is at its own crossroads as an organization. Curry continues his MVP-level output, but the veteran apparatus around him is crumbling. The Warriors established some momentum before the All-Star break, but right now, it's hard to honestly call the No. 10 seed in the West a contender. Golden State wants to pair Curry with an elite wing in the offseason. James is a free agent, and a sign-and-trade is still wholly within the realm of possibility. If the Warriors need to draft Bronny to make it happen, that's barely even a sacrifice.

James has lost a step, but he's still one of the most explosive offensive hubs in the NBA. He can still torch defenders with his first step. The strength against mismatches, the finesse against slower bigs — James still has it. His greatest skill for a while has been passing. James' intelligence and creativity, paired with Curry's relentless off-ball movement, would leave defenses scrambling for solutions. James is always thinking one step ahead of the defense. Curry demands unceasing attention. A momentary lapse in concentration is all it would take for Golden State to gain the advantage.

There's a Klutch Sports connection with James and Draymond Green, which has only grown stronger in recent years. James is committed to L.A. because of business interests, but the Warriors are on the same coast, in a city built around the booming tech industry. James is already a billionaire, so one has to think he can make it work in San Francisco. It's only a temporary arrangement.

It's almost fitting for the Warriors to make one last run with James in the mix. A way for two dynastic forces to get the most out of their waning years. We all want to see LeBron spraying passes to Curry and Klay Thompson. Never has it made more sense.

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