6 Chiefs who won't make the final roster after Marquise Brown signing, 2 who will

Marquise Brown projects as an addition that fills a hole the Kansas City Chiefs have been trying to fix since Tyreek Hill left.

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The Kansas City Chiefs made a free agency move that might solve their biggest problem from 2023: Receiving. Brett Veach added Marquise "Hollywood" Brown, and it could be the home (and quarterback) Brown needs to break through the ceiling and finally earn a 1,000-yard season and Pro Bowl nod.

With the addition of Brown, the Chiefs have penciled in another spot in their receiving depth chart and 53-man roster. He'll make the final cut. So, it'll be difficult for some of the other players on the team to make the final roster with a proverbial spot on the roster now spoken for.

Who will be out, and who will still make the team after this wrinkle to the training camp jostling?

Anthony Miller faces an uphill battle

The Chiefs signed Anthony Miller in January to a futures deal that gives him the opportunity to compete for a spot on the roster in training camp. Before the Brown signing, these futures contracts were projected as highly enticing for these players. They're looking to break into a 53-man roster, and if you can prove chemistry with Patrick Mahomes, it could do wonders for their careers.

Furthermore, the Chiefs had a clear receiving need, surely increasing the excitement around the possibility of making the final squad.

Like a few other of the futures contract players, Miller was on the practice squad last year so has the upside of familiarity with the team.

At 29 years old, he's the most veteran futures player coming to the camp as a part of the 90-man roster. With plenty of speedier and more youthful options, I don't know that Miller will be able to break through to the 53-man roster. The practice squad is often an option to these players who don't make that final 53-man cut line.

Cornell Powell is a practice squad vet; He'll stay there

Cornell Powell has also been with the Chiefs previously as a practice squad stalwart. He was drafted by the Chiefs in the fifth round of the 2019 selection, and has bounced around between active roster, practice squad, and futures contracts ever since.

Powell seems clearly liked by the organization and is probably valued as a guy who can show up day-in and day-out to practice and help the Chiefs' starters get reliable, consistent reps against talent. While it's gritty, under-appreciated work in the grand scheme of things, veteran practice squad players are important, and the Chiefs probably see Powell fitting in there more than on the 53-man roster based on his staying power with the team in that capacity since 2019.

In training camp, someone who has been with the team for that long can help coaches set the tone and raise the bar in the internal competitions.