6 long-time Chiefs who just missed out on the Super Bowl years

Sometimes, the hard work of some results in others enjoying the rewards. The Kansas City Chiefs have several former stars who helped build a team but just missed out on the Super Bowl run.

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry
Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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The Kansas City Chiefs have been on an incredible run over the last several seasons with six straight AFC Championship Games, four Super Bowl appearances in the last five years, and two NFL titles.

The Chiefs roster now doesn't look like it did five years ago because change is constant. Players before this championship run played a big part in developing other players, and putting the team in a position to win.

Unfortunately, because of the fluid nature of rosters, some incredible players who played a role in building the Chiefs didn't make it to the 2019 season.

Kansas City Chiefs: 6 stars and fan-favorites who missed Super Bowl years

6. Jamaal Charles, RB (2008-16)

Jamaal Charles' last season in Kansas City was 2016, so he missed Super Bowl 54 by three full seasons. Regardless, it still feels as if he should be mentioned. He played nine years for the Chiefs and he was one of the few bright spots on several teams.

Consider 2012. The Chiefs finished with a franchise-worst record of 2-14. Charles, however, rushed for 1,509 yards and added 236 receiving yards. He was the main reason to watch Kansas City every Sunday that season.

In his nine seasons with the Chiefs, he accumulated 7,260 yards on the ground and another 2,457 yards through the air, with 43 rushing touchdowns and 20 receiving. The most incredible stat of his career is that he averaged 5.5 yards per carry in KC. The best mark of any running back ever,

Those numbers include a rookie season with little action and three other seasons where he played just 10 total games due to knee issues. Those injuries just derailed an incredible career. With better health, there is a good chance Charles might still have been around for Super Bowl 54.