A.J. Minter had the most savage response to Braves season-saving victory

Atlanta Braves relief pitcher A.J. Minter has the pulse of the fanbase, as he offered an incredible reaction to the team's season-saving victory.

Division Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves - Game Two
Division Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves - Game Two / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Atlanta Braves relief pitcher A.J. Minter is a fan favorite for a reason. His comment after Atlanta's Game 2 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies will only further endear him to a fanbase that has come to love him.

Minter, who is a key back-end reliever for an Atlanta bullpen that at times can make things a little too interesting, was asked about Michael Harris II game-winning catch and double play, as well as the Braves comeback as a whole.

Now that is a t-shirt waiting to happen.

A.J. Minter gives Braves postseason a new slogan

Braves postseason runs are typically fueled by some of the best personalities, and Minter is no exception. Even without the likes of Luke Jackson and Joc Pederson, Minter lights up any locker room, and gives the press exactly what they're asking for. Eric Cole of The House That Hank Built detailed this all too well.

"It would be easy for these guys to just give the canned answers that fans have become accustomed to hearing with cliches like "it was nice to put a win on the board", "tomorrow is another day", etc. and frankly...we get why guys do that because they don't want to get themselves in trouble or give the opposing team motivation...However, it is FAR more entertaining to see guys have a bit of swagger about them and this entire Braves roster, not just the bullpen, has it."

From here, the Braves will head to Citizens Bank Park in Philly, which is sure to be a raucus atmosphere in the City of Brotherly Love. These teams were already rivals, but after matching up in two straight postseasons, the fanbases straight up hate each other.

Philadelphia has the edge in pitching depth, and the Braves will need to steal at least one game on the road to send the series back hom to Truist Park for Game 5.