ACC expansion takes the next step as conference extends invitation to 3 schools

As reported by Pete Thamel, the ACC has extended invitations to Stanford, California, and SMU. What does this latest move in conference realignment mean?

California v Stanford, ACC, college football
California v Stanford, ACC, college football / David Madison/GettyImages

According to Pete Thamel, the ACC has voted to extend invitations to California, Stanford, and SMU. With the lack of better options, it can be assumed that California and Stanford will accept the invitation in order to make sure that they have a TV deal beyond this season.

While ACC's TV deal locks in any school for the foreseeable future, it makes a lot of sense for Cal and Stanford to join after the lack of uncertainty for a TV deal when they were in the Pac-12. California and Stanford will receive reduced media rights and SMU will not get anything for the first couple of years in the ACC.

This makes the map of college football even more disfigured than before. It seems like the ACC is preparing for the higher-level members end up leaving the conference. It will be hard for Florida State and Clemson to leave the conference right away due to some legal reasons, but eventually, it seems like these schools might bolt.

With California and Stanford heading to the ACC, what exactly is next for Oregon St and Washington St?

Saying that the Pac-12 (or Pac-4) was on life support before this recent news is a bit of an understatement. Still, this is a complete death knell for the conference. It seems like Washington State and Oregon State should be looking to join the Mountain West or AAC.

Washington State was considering being a part of the charge to rebuild the conference, but this is now out of the question with only two schools left.

For college athletics, this symbolizes a step backwards. Having Stanford and California players travel across the entire country to play in-conference is not fair to those student-athletes.

These college students are not able to benefit from the TV revenue that these schools will receive as they move conferences. This is a move that is inspired by greed -- nothing more, nothing less.

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