Andy Reid's defense of Kadarius Toney should infuriate Chiefs fans

Andy Reid offered support for Kadarius Toney after the Kansas City Chiefs' win on Sunday.

Kadarius Toney, Kansas City Chiefs
Kadarius Toney, Kansas City Chiefs / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the New England Patriots 27-17 on Sunday. It was an important win after back-to-back losses, but hardly enough to restore faith in the Chiefs' atypically erratic offense. Patrick Mahomes hasn't lost a step, but the team around him pales in comparison to last season's juggernaut.

A poor wide receiver room has been the bane of Mahomes' existence. There isn't nearly enough experience at the position. Tyreek Hill's departure was deeply felt in 2022, but the Chiefs' lack of WR talent can no longer be ignored. Even with Travis Kelce there to supplement one of the greatest arm talents in NFL history, the Chiefs' passing attack is worryingly mistake-prone.

Kansas City ranks third in the NFL in passing yards per game (255.6), but the Chiefs are also responsible for the most dropped passes of any NFL team. Andy Reid can still craft an innovative game plan in his sleep, but it's all for naught if the players can't execute it.

No player has been more prominent in the drops department than Kadarius Toney, who claimed his fourth drop of the NFL season on Sunday — his latest in a long line of blatant blunders. Patrick Mahomes hit the 24-year-old right in the hands on a simple crossing route, to no avail. The QB's frustration after the fact was visible.

The result of Toney's butterfingers was Mahomes' second INT of the afternoon, an undeserved blemish on the QB's record. Andy Reid was asked to address the drop problem after the game, and specifically Toney. The coach's response was frustratingly empty.

"We’ll see how things go. I’m not down on Toney. He’s done some good things. He’s a young guy. We’re not talking about somebody that has been in this league a long time."

Andy Reid supports Kadarius Toney after latest dropped pass for Chiefs

There's truth to Reid's general sentiment here. Toney is young, and perhaps expectations were set too high for the third-year wideout before the season. Toney was pegged as Kansas City's WR1 in preseason, but it's clear he's not ready for that burden.

Unfortunately, there isn't really anybody on the roster to pick up Toney's slack. There have been promising flashes from Rashee Rice and Justin Watson, but on the whole, the Chiefs' WR room lacks the top-end, bankable talent of other contenders. Mahomes is an expert when it comes to maximizing the tools at his disposal, but even the best quarterback needs basic competence from his wideouts.

Reid's excuse doesn't really hold water for the Chiefs, of course. Kansas City isn't a rebuilding team. The Chiefs are built to win now, and the personnel on the roster should reflect that. It's an indictment on the front office more than anything. If Toney and the Chiefs' hodgepodge of young receivers can't deliver consistent results, there should have been efforts made to improve Mahomes' supporting cast before the trade deadline.

The Chiefs host the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 16. A winnable game for sure, but also another test for the WR crew ahead of the postseason.

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