3 key moves the Atlanta Hawks need to make at the NBA Trade Deadline

The Atlanta Hawks are heading into a crucial trade deadline with the squad nowhere near the playoffs and a massive luxury tax bill looming. Time to make some moves.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks
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2. Dejounte Murray trade to the contender

Another trade that could end up happening is Dejounte Murray to the Sixers. Philadelphia has been linked to Murray by NBA insiders as the team weighs making a trade or trying to protect its cap space for this summer. Philly has the assets to trade — a couple of late-decade first-round picks from other teams after a move with the Clippers.

The team could probably offer a 2028 first round pick from the Clippers and offer their own 2026 first round pick. In addition to the picks, the franchise could offer Marcus Morris to get a deal done.

The pairing of Dejounte Murray and Trae Young hasn't worked out at all and Murray clearly isn't happy, circulating in trade rumors for months. He's the most appealing player on the Hawks' roster and could help them rebuild their stash of draft picks for a larger rebuild.

No matter what the Hawks thought they were doing when they traded for Murray, it seems like the franchise is ready to move on and the point guard would be a perfect fit for Philly. Murray would likely be a perfect fit with Tyrese Maxey who is a great offensive guard but could get exposed in the playoffs on the defensive end against bigger guards.