Best numbers for Super Bowl squares: Most common Super Bowl scores

If you're trying to tilt the Super Bowl squares odds in your favor just a little bit, here are the most opportune numbers to try to scoop.

Super Bowl LVIII - Previews
Super Bowl LVIII - Previews / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Super Bowl squares might be the most appealing game to football fans and fans who are just showing up for the food, ads, and halftime show.

It's a fantastic game to get everyone involved no matter their existing knowledge of the teams and storylines, and also no matter how much they care about what happens in a given game. That's because squares pay out at the end of each quarter, so if you want, you can simply check in to see if your square won at the end of each quarter and move on with your snacking and working of the party scene (or, for us introverts out there, doom-scrolling our phones and wondering why our team isn't in the big game for yet another year).

We did a full post here on what squares is. If you're trying to facilitate your own game, we have a printable version of the contest available here.

But if you're past that point and just at the decision making path of deciding which square to purchase, you're probably wondering if there are better squares to choose than others.

Of course, anything can happen in the Super Bowl, and any number on the grid is a possible winner, but some numbers do happen more than others.

What number combinations are most frequent in the Super Bowl for squares?

Squares hater and co-founder of Establish the Run recently posted this which looks at the most frequent combinations in last-digit Super Bowl quarter-ending scores:

Levitan broke it down in terms of expected value of each combination, assuming each square is $1 and the payouts are $25 at the end of each quarter. Of course, this isn't always the case and some squares games are run differently, often with payouts differing for halftime and end-of-game. But this gives a nice even baseline to consider which squares are "best."

The best combination is 0/0. Other good ones, as expected, are 0/7 and 7/7. Several with 3s and 4s are good, too, as scores commonly increase in increments of three and seven (4+3=7) in American football.

Keep in mind, the grid position in the graphic above will likely not be the grid position that your pool is using. Those are almost always randomized, so you'll want to scope out the available grids for purchase to see where the most optimal remaining one is before you buy.

Or, if you're just in this for the fun of it and don't care much about the stats, pick whichever one you like best. It's your choice, and that's the fun of it!

Unfortunately, most pools shuffle the numbers after grid selection, removing the choice from the player's hands.