Best Travis Kelce memes after Chiefs TE yelled at Andy Reid in Super Bowl

Travis Kelce gave Andy Reid an earful in the first half of Super Bowl LVIII. The internet went to work.

Andy Reid, Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs
Andy Reid, Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Travis Kelce broke the internet in the first half of Super Bowl LVIII, bumping into Andy Reid and giving the Kansas City Chiefs head coach an earful after a play call that led to Isiah Pacheco fumbling within 10 yards of the goal line.

Kelce was upset with Reid's decision to take him off the field. Backup tight end Noah Gray missed his block, which compromised Pacheco and led to a costly change in possession. It was a rough look for Kelce, who let emotions get the best of him — a rarity for this Chiefs team with so much high-level experience.

Of course, the internet went to work quickly. Not only was Kelce's blowup a notable sign of the Chiefs' fracturing confidence. It was prime meme fodder for the folks on Twitter. Let's dive into the crème de la crème.

Internet explodes after Travis Kelce yells at Andy Reid on Chiefs sideline

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We all saw the Wicked trailer...

Kelce didn't tackle Reid, but he came a bit closer than he probably should have...

Not a meme, but let's check in on Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowl wideout A.J. Brown.

In short, the internet is ablaze. If Travis Kelce wants to stave off the negative energy, he probably needs to contribute more on the field. It was a difficult first half for Kelce, who has been lightly involved — to the point where the frustration is visible.

Kelce has done little to endear himself to the broader NFL fanbase this postseason. Taylor Swift is widely beloved and the Chiefs are the mainstream NFL franchise right now, but they're also NFL villains. Kelce is making it easy to pin those negative feelings on him.

We won't hear more about the situation until after the game, but win or lose, expect both Kelce and Reid to field questions about the incident. Both will probably deflect — Kelce will probably apologize — but this is a bad look. The internet won't let Kelce brush it under the rug, though. This is a meme with staying power. We will get Kelce-Reid screaming memes for the years to come.