Beyonce Super Bowl ad throws Twitter into mass confusion about new music

A Verizon Super Bowl advertisement featuring Beyonce and Usher sent Twitter into a frenzy about possible new music.


A Verizon advertisement which premiered during Super Bowl 58 seemed to hint at some new music (or appearances) by Beyonce. The world-renowned superstar hasn't released a song since 2023.

Some have suggested that perhaps Beyonce will start a residency as The Sphere in Las Vegas, which would explain the hype of a Super Bowl ad on Sunday night. The previous commercial, which also featured Tony Hale squeezing lemons, didn't hide from Beyonce references.

“The Lemonade references? My House playing in the end? Verizon being one of Renaissance World Tour’s sponsors? Are we really going to see thee Beyoncé in a commercial during the Superbowl?” one Beyonce fan account wrote on X.

Hale directly reference Lemonade, a previous album of Beyonce's.

“Hold up. She wants me to squeeze all these lemons by myself?” Hale said in the first ad, with a lemon juicer in their hand. “This better work.”

The second advertisement, which dropped on Sunday night, provided a more direct response to interested fans.

As it turns out, Beyonce fans were right! Renaissance Act II will be released on March 29, per Pitchfork.

Beyonce fans are losing their minds over Super Bowl ad

Beyonce fans went absolutely wild after the ad was released, demanding new music from the grammy-winning artist.

Some fans are reading between the lines. Could this be a hint?

As you can see, they are taking it well.

And now we're running? We're running. Cool.

Much like fans of Taylor Swift, Beyonce supporters often look for hints within her social media posts regarding new music. An advertisement on the world's greatest stage was a nice surprise. This was more than just a hint, right?

The game is playing second-fiddle to Beyonce's new music, at this point. Why even play the final quarter?

Knowles, who is at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, gave her fans something to think about. Hopefully she'll follow through in the coming days (or hours).