Booger McFarland's Toy Story broadcast debut included questionable Aaron Rodgers reference

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers tends to elicit controversy. Even when Toy Story is involved.

Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets
Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets / Michael Owens/GettyImages

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers may be out for the season, but he's still prevalent as ever in the media. Rodgers was recently referenced on a Sunday broadcast of the Atlanta Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars game at London's Wembley Stadium.

The broadcast took part inside of Andy's room (from Toy Story) in what was dubbed the "Toy Story Funday Football" show as streamed on ESPN+ and Disney+. The Jaguars' win over the Falcons was basically re-imagined in Andy's room using miniature figurines that represented the players.

Even though Aaron Rodgers had absolutely nothing to do with the game, announcer Booger McFarland cracked a joke at his expense, referencing Rodgers' history of using ayahuasca.

McFarland said, "I wonder if Aaron Rodgers is seeing these UFOs, wouldn't be the first time... He's doing the ayahuasca."

Does McFarland know there are kids watching? The Google searches for "ayahuasca" have probably never been higher.

Aaron Rodgers gets made fun of during Toy Story Funday Football broadcast

Sunday's Toy Story alternate broadcast marked the second time this year ESPN opted for an animated telecast using Disney characters. Last March, ESPN aired an NHL game between the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers inspired by Disney.

Toy Story Funday Football showcased plenty of characters from the iconic kids' movie from Slinky Dog to Rex the dinosaur; it didn't have as many iconic moments as Patrick Star roasting Russell Wilson, but was entertaining nonetheless.

The appearance of Toy Story's signature aliens led Booger McFarland to bring up UFOs and known conspiracy theorist Aaron Rodgers. From there, anything from Rodgers' spotted past was fair game, including his notorious ayahuasca usage.

In a regular season football game, jokes about Rodgers' off-field activities should be expected. But in a Toy Story alternate broadcast? It feels a little off-color and off the mark. We're all for poking fun at Rodgers -- just choose the right time and place.

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