Braves make surprising roster decision to likely make room for Jesse Chavez

Jesse Chavez is poised to make the Atlanta Braves' Opening Day roster after this latest move.

Jesse Chavez, Sean Murphy, Atlanta Braves
Jesse Chavez, Sean Murphy, Atlanta Braves / Norm Hall/GettyImages

With the return of the man, the myth, the legend Jesse Chavez to the Atlanta Braves, down goes the 12th Man. Upon Chavez's ceremonious arrival to Atlanta, you had to believe that another roster move was coming. The most likely one was still somewhat shocking, given how late into Spring Training we are. All signs point to Chavez taking the last roster spot from Jackson Stephens after being signed.

While Atlanta will have to lean on Stephens at some point, in his seventh-inning 12th Man ways (he is a man of the people after all), now is the time to shine for our favorite 40-something right-handed relief pitcher. Who says you can't go home, right? Although Atlanta is not going to be able to get Michael Soroka back for free, the Chicago White Sox have yet to see the error in their ways over this.

To me, this move is all about getting a stablizing, veteran presence in the clubhouse and in the bullpen. Chavez has a live arm for being in his early 40s. With Reynaldo Lopez winning the No. 5 spot in the starting rotation, Atlanta needed a long arm to backfill Lopez's ascension, as well as Collin McHugh's retirement. Chavez is a welcomed addition to the club, especially by one A.J. Minter.

David O'Brien of The Athletic reported upon Chavez getting a minor league deal with the Braves that Stephens has in fact been outrighted to Triple-A Gwinnett. It's not goodbye, it's until we meet again...

The only thing more surprising about Chavez being back with the team is Stephens being sent down.

Jesse Chavez is absolutely going to make the Atlanta Braves' roster now

What I am most excited about this season as a die-hard Braves fan is seeing every move general manager Alex Anthopoulos makes with the roster, as well as even calibration to the lineup skipper Brian Snitker makes. These two men have been seminal in the Braves' glorious turnaround over the last decade. They know how good this team is. With every move they make, they are one step closer.

This transaction may not move the needle for most clubs, but it certainly does in Atlanta. Again, Braves Country likes both of these pitchers. The vibes they give off are absolutely tremendous. Although some detractors may prefer other relief pitchers because why enjoy the game for what it is when you can bury your head into a spreadsheet, you nerd, I am ride or die with this team this season.

While I am not going to say that the Braves are going to win the World Series this year like I did at the start of 2023, I expect that they win the NL East for the seventh year in a row and get to at least the NLCS. As far as if they will be someone like the Los Angeles Dodgers, I don't have a clue. All I know is this team's championship window is wide open. That is why Chavez is so excited to be back in Atlanta.

Despite this being so glorious for Chavez, you have to feel for Stephens the day before Opening Day.

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