Yes, you can buy Kobe Bryant's 2000 NBA Championship ring

Kobe Bryant's legacy still lives on following his tragic death. His first ring from the 1999-00 season is up for auction, and fans can bid for it now.

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers / Lisa Blumenfeld/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers won five NBA titles while Kobe Bryant was with the team.

Kobe's first ring came in 2000 when the Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers to win their first title under then-Head Coach Phil Jackson.

Four years after the Hall-of-Famer's tragic death, his first ring is up for auction.

The current bid for the auction is set at $94,000. The total cost of the ring is close to $115,000 including the buyer premium.

The details of this auction can be found on the Site Supply website, where the ring is currently being advertised and listed as up for auction.

Kobe's first ring up for auction

Kobe's first ring is something that many Lakers fans are going to want to add to their collections, and with good reason.

It marked a key period in Lakers history, when the team was rising to stardom after a few down seasons while the Chicago Bulls were enjoying their reign.

Obviously, this is listed as a Collectibles item. As of this morning, there are 12 days remaining on the auction. The bidding will end on March 30.

The ring was later gifted by Kobe to his father, Joe Bryant. The ring features a band and base of 14 karat gold, while also containing 40 diamonds.

Bryant has already been honored this season by the Lakers, who put up a statue outside of Arena. The statue features stats from the night the Lakers legend scored a career-high 81 points against the Toronto Raptors.

Due to Bryant's legacy and impact on the Lakers, the bidding for this ring will likely be quite competitive among Lakers fans, who will want to have a piece of franchise history in their collections.

We'll see how the bidding plays out and where the ring ultimately ends up.

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