3 Oli Marmol replacements Cardinals should already be eyeing for 2025

The St. Louis Cardinals find themselves at an inflection point. If they can't bounce back into contention, they may need to go a different direction with their manager

St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies
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The St. Louis Cardinals have found themselves at a critical juncture after a dreadful 2023 season.

While the team is looking a lot better heading into 2024, this upcoming season is big for the organization. If they can't bounce back into contention after losing 91 games, the organization is going to have to make some major changes.

One such change could come at the managerial position. Current manager Oli Marmol is entering the final year of his contract that he signed after replacing Mike Shildt.

Here are three potential replacements the Cardinals should be paying attention to if things go south in 2024.

3. Buck Showalter

After a difficult 2023 season with the New York Mets, Buck Showalter stepped down as the team's manager. He had previously helped guide the Mets to a 101-win season and end their five-year playoff drought.

Showalter comes to mind because it's time the Cardinals did something different. For years, the Cardinals have only promoted from within. Marmol was an internal promotion, and things haven't turned out quite so well for the Cardinals since he replaced Shildt.

Marmol's over-reliance on analytics has gotten him into trouble, and the Cardinals could certainly benefit from a more old-school approach, similar to what they had with Shildt. That approach served them well, as they reached the postseason three out of four years with Shildt at the helm.

Showalter is a proven winner and is also somebody who will have the respect of the clubhouse almost instantly.

It's also important to remember that Showalter helped change the fortunes of the Baltimore Orioles in 2012 after they had finished in last place in the AL East. He guided them to three postseason appearances, including a division title and a run to the ALCS in 2014.

Who's to say he wouldn't be able to do the same in St. Louis?