Chicago Cubs have ace in the hole to sign Jordan Montgomery

The Chicago Cubs are a dark horse contender to sign Jordan Montgomery. Do they have an ace up their sleeve?

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While talks between the Boston Red Sox and Jordan Montgomery continue to heat up, the Chicago Cubs have yet to exit stage left.

The Cubs officially signed Cody Bellinger to a three-year deal with several opt outs earlier this week. At the press conference, manager Craig Counsell joked with Bellinger's agent, Scott Boras, that he should've brought his other client to the facility as well to finalize a contract. That other client was Jordan Montgomery, who Chicago has flirted with at times this winter without making any sort of formal offer.

It's no secret that the Cubs could use Montgomery, as their rotation depth will be tested this season. Justin Steele, Shota Imanaga and Kyle Hendricks are good, but they also leave a lot to be desired compared to Montgomery, who led the Texas Rangers to the World Series last fall.

Cubs unleashed a secret weapon to woo Scott Boras

While it may seem rather small, the Cubs opted to let Scott Boras sit alongside his client Bellinger at the press conference, something that isn't always done as teams announce a major signing. As Jordan Campbell of Cubbies Crib noted, the relationship between Boras and Hoyer appears as positive as ever.

"The Chicago Cubs did a solid for agent Scott Boras on Wednesday when they allowed him to be seated at the table along with president Jed Hoyer for a press conference to formally announce the signing of Cody Bellinger to a three-year deal...With there being whispers of collusion against Boras and his negotiating tactics this off-season, the image on Wednesday was important for where things stand between the super agent and the Cubs."

When compared to most organizations which have outright claimed they will not add to the payroll this spring, the Cubs are in a pretty good spot not just with Boras, but other free agents as well. Jon Heyman of the New York Post mentioned Chicago as one of the final suitors for Montgomery if the Red Sox interest wanes.

Montgomery signing with the Cubs because of their relationship with Boras alone is a longshot. However, it could play a role when all is said and done.

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