First pitch: 3 things I heard in the Chicago Cubs clubhouse this weekend

The Chicago Cubs seemed to have found their winning ways once again over the weekend, and here's what I heard about that at Wrigley Field.

Chicago Cubs third baseman Patrick Wisdom
Chicago Cubs third baseman Patrick Wisdom / Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
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Chicago Cubs: Marcus Stroman wants to stay in the rotation

Stroman was a surprise starter on Saturday, with Ross catching reporters off guard at the end of his Friday conference by announcing Stroman would start as he left the podium.

The 32-year-old right-hander went just 3.0 innings against Colorado, allowing five hits and three runs as part of his 64-pitch outing. While it was the first start for Stroman since July 31 and followed a couple of relief appearances after he returned from battling hip inflammation, Stroman insisted he would be a part of the rotation moving forward.

"I think anyone who has pitched as a starter for as long as I have, you develop a routine," Stroman said. "Anything else becomes hard to prepare for. I still wasn't necessarily on a routine going into the start (against Colorado), but going into my next start, I will be."

Stroman could well get the start on Thursday in the series finale in Atlanta, and it's something that Stroman says he is already preparing to do.

"It became difficult to get hot and cold and hot and cold in the bullpen," Stroman said. "I feel like the best decision from the top down was just to go out there and start."