Chicken salad! Gus Johnson leaves Nebraska radio call in the dust on goofy trick play TD

Nebraska Spring Football Game
Nebraska Spring Football Game / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

In what was not a big surprise, Gus Johnson ran laps around the local Nebraska radio announcer when it came to who had the better radio call of Nebraska's trick play touchdown in their loss against Minnesota.

After the double pass gave way for Nebraska's first touchdown under the Rhule, Johnson finished his excitement by saying the word "chicken salad" on the call.

To be honest going into the season it is very hard to expect someone to say chicken salad on a play-by-play call. Still, Johnson was able to do this and once again shows why he was one of the best announcers in all of sports.

In fairness to the local Nebraska radio call, the call would have been seen as pretty good if Johnson did not completely wow the crowd with his play-by-play call.

While the TD was exciting the Cornhuskers were unable to win the game, what does this mean for the Matt Rhule era?

In their first season with tons of transfers and basically no recruits that Rhule recruited himself, Nebraska was not gonna be good this season. It was quite shocking to see Nebraska getting a lead against Minnesota. Still, the Cornhuskers did what they best as they lost in a close fight.

This time it wasn't so much as playing up in talent against a tougher opponent but rather a key interception that allowed the Gophers a chance to win the game. Nebraska's defense was playing way too well to lose this game. The Cornhuskers lost because the offense wasn't able to supply enough points.

Although Rhule might end up being good for Nebraska down the line, they will still be the weirdest team in college football for this season at the very least. With that in mind, it would not be surprising to see this school once again be on the hand of amazing play and radio calls while taking a loss.

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