Chiefs fans put Raiders DB Jack Jones on blast for savage troll of child fan

Las Vegas Raiders DB Jack Jones trolled a child by pretending to give him a football after a touchdown. Chiefs fans booed him.

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Kansas City Chiefs fans close enough to watch Jack Jones after his defensive touchdown didn't like what they saw. Jones intercepted a Patrick Mahomes pass and returned it for a score in the second quarter, giving the Raiders a surprising double-digit advantage.

When Jones scored, he ran towards a sea of Chiefs fan, perhaps looking for a Raiders supporter to give the ball to. Yet, Jones couldn't find one, and instead pretended to gift the football to a young fan. When said child reached for the ball, Jones pulled it back in perhaps the greatest bait and switch we've ever seen in the NFL.

Jones has come up huge for the Raiders all game long. Chiefs fans were not thrilled in the moment, booing him for provoking someone so young. Yet, others were quick to point out that this is what rivalries are made of.

Chiefs fans unhappy with Raiders DB Jack Jones, who backed up his talk

Jones wade waves during the week, when he said that the Raiders weren't afraid of the Kansas City wideouts.

"We not worried about them," Jones told reporters. "It’s Patrick Mahomes we got to stop. The magician. You stop the magician, and the act is over."

As surprising as it was to hear Jones made such a declaration out loud, he's absolutely right. Mahomes makes the offense go, along with Travis Kelce. Beyond that, the wideouts rarely get enough separation to make opposing defenses pay. Mahomes has challenged his receiving corps on multiple occasions, including a few weeks ago following a loss to the Bills.

"I asked Patrick Mahomes what specifically do you do to try to help your teammates minimize dropped passes," Mahomes told Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. "He said it's about going out before or after every practice, [getting] extra throws from Patrick Mahomes, extra throws from the other quarterbacks, extra catches from the Jugs machine. He said it's all about confidence."

Jones didn't think they were capable of such improvements, and in the first half he was proven correct.