Chiefs need to avoid the easy way out if Andy Reid doesn’t sign an extension

If the Kansas City Chiefs and head coach Andy Reid can't agree on a contract extension, they should avoid taking the easy way out with his replacement.

Super Bowl Winning Team Head Coach and MVP Press Conference
Super Bowl Winning Team Head Coach and MVP Press Conference / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs have a lot of questions to answer this offseason as they look to become the first team ever to win three consecutive Super Bowls in 2024, including what to do with their legendary head coach, Andy Reid.

Currently fourth all-time amongst coaches in wins (258) with three rings to his name, Reid has solidified himself as one of the best leaders in league history.

Turning 66 years old next month, he is now the NFL’s oldest coach following the departures of Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll this offseason.

Given his age and the team coming off two straight Super Bowl victories, there was speculation surrounding whether or not Reid would continue coaching in 2024, but he quickly put those rumors to bed.

Not only did Reid confirm he will be back on the sidelines next season, he is seeking a contract extension with the Chiefs that will make him one of the league’s highest-paid coaches.

Kansas City would be hard-pressed to move on from a future Hall of Fame head coach who has led the franchise to three titles and six straight AFC Championship Games, so they will likely pay Reid.

But if for some reason he decides that 2024 will be his final season, or things go haywire during negotiations, the Chiefs will have a big decision to make.

If they cannot agree on an extension with Reid, the Chiefs should refrain from replacing him with defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. 

Kansas City Chiefs can’t replace Andy Reid with Steve Spagnuolo

Spags is a great coordinator, arguably one of the best of all time, now holding the record for the most Super Bowl wins by a defensive coordinator. That doesn’t mean he’s necessarily fit to be a head coach, which we witnessed during his stint as the head coach of the then-St. Louis Rams from 2009-11, and that’s okay.

In his first season with the Rams in 2009, Spagnuolo went 1-15. The following year, St. Louis had a 7-9 record, before regressing to 2-14 in 2011. 

Hopefully, this becomes a moot point once/if Reid and Kansas City agree on a contract extension. But history suggests that the Chiefs should explore options beyond their legendary defensive coordinator if their head coaching position becomes available.

It is important to note that Reid has two years remaining on his current deal.

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