Cheap Chiefs owner completely misses the point in response to player complaints

The Kansas City Chiefs, despite being back-to-back Super Bowl champions, have one of the worst facilities in the NFL. The facility is being upgraded after players voiced their concerns, but Chiefs owner Clark Hunt says that none of this was ever promised to players.

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears
Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Though the Kansas City Chiefs have formed a dynasty in the NFL over the past several years, there is one area where they could stand to improve a little bit.

Their locker room is one of the worst in the entire league. In fact, their facility was ranked 31st of all 32 teams, as they sat in front of only the Washington Commanders on the NFLPA's recent team report card.

On that same report card, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt was voted the worst owner in the NFL, thanks in large part to the team's dilapidated facilities.

After 47 players voiced their concerns, the team was expected to make upgrades to their facilities and players were promised as much. That did not happen, and Hunt went on the record saying that he never promised the players any upgrades.

"I have spoken to some of our veteran players about that, and they've confirmed to me that it was miscommunication," said Hunt. "Certainly, I personally never said anything to them about a renovation of the locker room. It was a misunderstanding."

Chiefs owner misses the point, makes questionable comment about facility upgrades

This was certainly a questionable comment made by Hunt.

Hunt knew Chiefs players had concerns about facilities and the locker room, which entering the 2023 season did not have bare necessities such as air conditioning.

Hunt comes off poorly thanks to these comments. Fortunately, the Chiefs are currently making upgrades to their facility, and these should be complete by the time the 2024 season gets underway.

Owners have the money to make upgrades, and Hunt clearly was more interested in keeping his money than investing in improvements for his team.

Considering the Chiefs have won three Super Bowls since drafting Patrick Mahomes in the first round in 2017, perhaps Hunt should count his blessings and use this opportunity to keep his players as happy as possible, rather than making budget cuts in the wrong places.

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