Chiefs rumors: More trade interest, Bolton injury, Hardman usage

  • Andy Reid gave hints about how the Chiefs will use Mecole Hardman in the coming weeks
  • Nick Bolton suffered an injury in Week 7
  • The Chiefs may not be done acquiring offensive weapons

Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs still on the hunt for receiver help?

In a deep dive and emptying of the notebook late last week, ESPN's NFL insider Jeremy Fowler listed off several teams who have been on the phones looking for receivers in the trade market. Included in that list was the Chiefs (subscription required), with Fowler making no specific disclaimer regarding Kansas City bowing out of the discussions now that they've traded for Hardman.

Certainly, it would be wise for the Chiefs to continue scouring the market since no receiver has yet to emerge as a clear No. 1 for Kansas City. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has proven to be capable even in a committee-like approach, but a go-to star receiver certainly couldn't hurt.

Yet, looking at the market, there aren't clear upgrades available that have been reported. Hunter Renfrow and Jerry Jeudy are available, but it's tough to see either the Raiders or Broncos trading in-division. Hollywood Brown might be the best wishlist receiver of struggling teams, but the Cardinals aren't giving him up.

So, for now, I'm trusting that the Chiefs involvement in the trade market is just due dilligence. Now that Hardman is in tow, Mahomes has a steady group of reliable receivers. After Watson returns from injury, he'll have a nice collection between Rice, Hardman, Watson, MVS, and of course, Travis Kelce to look to in the passing game.

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