A Cowboys-Bills trade that would make Jerry Jones actually go all-in

If there was a way for me to take the Dallas Cowboys seriously this year, it would be with this trade.

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

Reunited and it feels so good. While they have never played on the same team before, given the five-year age gap between them, wouldn't it be something to the Brothers Diggs play together, either in Buffalo or Dallas? Well, well, well.. That is exactly what I am proposing happens in this here trade. Let's get Buffalo Bills star Stefon Diggs oton his kid brother Trevon Diggs' Dallas Cowboys this offseason.

The elder Diggs brother has spent the last few years starring in Orchard Park in front of Bills Mafia. While he has been as good as advertised since being traded over from the Minnesota Vikings, a trip to the Super Bowl has evaded him. As for the younger Diggs brother, he was an interception machine playing in Dan Quinn's Dallas defense. However, he now leads Washington and it is Mike Zimmer time!

Barring some awkwardness between Zimmer and Stefon Diggs, here is how to get him over to Dallas.

Get the Diggs Bros in Dallas!

Two first-round picks seems a bit much, but you don't know how desperate the Cowboys are. Head coach Mike McCarthy's seat is hotter than Hades. With quarterback Dak Prescott playing out the final season of his four-year deal with the team, Dallas could be markedly worse in 2025. Thus, they have one last shot to win a Super Bowl with this core. For that reason, you have to go broke for Diggs here.

While I understand Dallas' reason for doing this, would this really be in the best interest for Buffalo?

How to get Stefon Diggs on the Dallas Cowboys to play with his brother

Buffalo would be getting Dallas' No. 24 overall pick this year, as well as next year's first-round pick, whatever selection that might end up being. Throw in safety Malik Hooker Buffalo's way to help make the money work out, and there you go! Bills head coach Sean McDermott loves him some defensive playmakers. Hooker could be of great use to him after losing Jordan Poyer to the Miami Dolphins.

This year's first-round pick can help Buffalo recoup Josh Allen a wide receiver. If you combine No. 24 and No. 28, that might be enough to get in the position to draft Rome Odunze out of Washington. Better yet, use either of those picks to get either Xavier Worthy out of Texas or Ladd McConkey out of Georgia. Losing Diggs would stink, but Buffalo is probably not getting to the Super Bowl either...

However, the addition of Diggs to Dallas does change the calculus a bit. It would give me, a man who said he was never going to get sucked up into the glorified hype machine that is the Cowboys under their current ownership situation, a reason to believe this January could be different from the last. Outside of Detroit, San Francisco and even Green Bay, there is market share to be had in the NFC.

Giving up the 2025 first-round pick is the bitter pill Dallas must swallow if they Cowboys want Diggs.

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