Former Cowboys star blasts Jerry Jones for not firing Mike McCarthy into the sun

Former Dallas Cowboys star Terrell Owens thinks Jerry Jones made a mistake with Mike McCarthy.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins
Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins / G Fiume/GettyImages

Former Dallas Cowboys star Terrell Owens spoke out against the organization Thursday on media row at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Owens, who played for the Cowboys from 2006-08 and made an All-Pro team while in Dallas, doesn't like the direction the team is taking under Mike McCarthy.

The Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Playoffs just a month ago. Yet, Dallas decided to retain Mike McCarthy as head coach despite plenty of capable head-coaching candidates available. This is where Owens had an issue.

“He’s selling the fanbase fool’s gold every year… if they would’ve got Bill Belichick, they got something," Owens said.

Belichick, who is arguably the greatest head coach of all-time, is also in his 70's. McCarthy isn't much younger, but he does serve as a mouthpiece for Jones, who runs the franchise at his will.

Does Terrell Owens have a point about the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones?

Owens hasn't played for the Cowboys in over a decade, but he does know how the business in Dallas is run. Jones enjoys being in charge, and tends to hire head coaches who will bend to his will. This is where McCarthy comes in. While the former Packers head coach did a decent job as play-caller with Dak Prescott last season, come the postseason he fell short yet again.

"We will be going all in," Jones said to the media. "I would say that you will see us this coming year not build it for the future."

Jones hinted that major changes will be made this offseason. Perhaps that will come in the form of free-agent acquisitions or trades, but if the people in charge of football operations are the problem, why not make a change?

Dallas hasn't won a Super Bowl since I was two years old. Despite the wide-open status of the NFC, the Cowboys still couldn't take advantage and make it to the divisional round. Small changes won't do this team justice.