Cowboys legend's Patrick Mahomes freezing cold take comes back to haunt him

Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman's take on Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes from 2019 came back to haunt him Sunday night.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Troy Aikman's Dallas Cowboys lost in the NFC Wild Card round to the Green Bay Packers, yet the Pro Football Hall of Famer was still very involved in postgame discussions after the Super Bowl. Aikman, who now works for ESPN's Monday Night Football next to Joe Buck, was put on blast for a 2019 tweet in which he challenged Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

At the time, Mahomes meteoric rise was only beginning. However, the Texas Tech product's early statistics were impressive, to say the least.

Good news, Troy! He now has just 100 percent of your Super Bowl titles in just over half the seasons played. Mahomes has won three Super Bowls in six seasons as a starter. Aikman won three in 11 years in the NFL.

Troy Aikman's old Patrick Mahomes tweet comes back to bite him

It's tough to blame Aikman for not playing up to Mahomes standards. After yet another Lombardi Trophy, Mahomes could very well finish his career as the best quarterback of all-time, or at least on the Mount Rushmore. Aikman, while talented and a proven winner, didn't play in the same era, and this didn't throw the ball nearly as often.

It doesn't help that Aikman backed Tom Brady in the GOAT debate just a few days prior to Super Bowl 58. Perhaps he's changed his mind?

"For me, it's championships. I mean, it sounds self serving when I say that because I was able to win three. But at the end of the day, the reason that he's getting paid $50 million a year is to win championships," Aikman said. "I mean, I just do n't know how you can say that at this stage of his career. He's certainly on pace."

Aikman took the easy way out. However, Mahomes has certainly surpassed his Cowboys counterpart, whether Troy wants to admit it or not. By the time all is said and done, even Tom Brady may have to bend the knee.

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