Drake Curse is now set to claim its Super Bow LVIII victim with $1.15 million bet

Canadian rapper Drake
Canadian rapper Drake / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

There are those who think the NFL has already rigged the Super Bowl in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs, desperate as they are to keep Taylor Swift Mania at the forefront.

But real ones know that's a ridiculous conspiracy theory. No, the NFL hasn't rigged the championship. No script has been written.

Besides, there are greater forces at play....like the dreaded Drake Curse.

The Canadian rapper has a very bad habit of bringing on the downfall of teams he openly roots for. The victims of the Drake Curse are numerous and varied. The Chiefs may have just become the latest.

On Saturday, Drake posted a betting slip on Instagram revealing a $1.15 million bet on Kansas City in the Super Bowl.

Drake is wagering $1.15 million to win $1.196 million. He's living in a different tax bracket than the average NFL fan. It's unfathomable really.

Chiefs are now working against the Drake Curse in Super Bowl 58

That's the best news the San Francisco 49ers have gotten all week. Drake betting on the Chiefs may make up for the terrible practice field and the early morning fire alarm.

They're still slight favorites over Kansas City, at -1.5 as of this writing but that line opened at -2.5 and quickly shifted in favor of the Chiefs. Betting against Patrick Mahomes, literally or figuratively, is tough to do.


The last time the Chiefs and 49ers faced off in the Super Bowl, Mahomes engineered a fourth-quarter comeback after Kansas City fell behind, 20-10. The quarterback tossed two touchdown passes to take the lead with 2:44 remaining before Damien Williams broke free for a 38-yard score to put the game on ice.

If the 49ers get their revenge and win this Super Bowl, everyone wearing Chiefs red will know exactly who to blame.

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