Did Drew Lock troll Jalen Hurts after ghosting postgame handshake?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Drew Lock took Jalen Hurts handshake ghosting in stride, poking fun at the Philadelphia Eagles QB.

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

After Jalen Hurts and the Eagles lost their third straight game, the Philadelphia quarterback did not hang around Lumen Field long enough to shake hands with his counterpart, Drew Lock of the Seattle Seahawks, as is custom in the NFL. Perhaps frustration got the best of Hurts, who had plenty to say postgame about the lack of commitment on the Eagles offense.

Lock didn't seem too bothered by it. The Seahawks backup quarterback stepped in admirably for Geno Smith, who coached him up on the sideline between series. After Lock couldn't find Hurts in the heat of the moment, he jokingly hinted that the Eagles QB must've been in a hurry to get off the field because he's sick.

Why didn't Drew Lock and Jalen Hurts shake hands after Seahawks-Eagles?

In all honesty, Hurts likely meant no ill will towards Lock by running off the field early. Given he was questionable heading into the game and had just suffered another tough loss on the road, perhaps he was just frustrated in the moment. Still, postgame handshakes between quarterbacks of both teams, as well as their head coaches, are common in the NFL. Hurts not being there was odd, there's no getting around it.

After the loss, Hurts called out his own offense, which has scored less than 20 points in three straight games.

"I've been talking about execution all year, being on the same page, everyone being on the same page," Hurts said. "We didn't execute. I don't think we're, we're all, we're committed enough. Just got to turn it around. You know, it's a challenge that we have to embrace. Just continue to see it through."

The same cannot be said for Lock, who gave an emotional interview on the field after the game.

The fourth quarter on Monday night was the tale of two quarterbacks. Lock got the best of Hurts, if only for the few minutes needed to come away with a victory when the Seahawks needed him most.