Eagles lent Chiefs a secret weapon for Super Bowl victory over 49ers

You have to take advantage of all of your resources to win in the biggest of games.

Dom DiSandro, Philadelphia Eagles
Dom DiSandro, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

There are lots of strategies in football, some good and some bad. The Philadelphia Eagles’ strategy of not tackling anyone was bad; the Miami Dolphins’ strategy of having Tua Tagovailoa play Hot Potato with the ball was good; and the Atlanta Falcons' strategy of actively keeping the ball out of their star players’ hands was not one built for success.

One underutilized strategy that can win games is the use of mental warfare. When used correctly, it can be as effective as having Superman as a quarterback.

In the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs used mental warfare with lethal effectiveness; they had the Eagles’ Chief Head of Security, Big Dom DiSandro, in the house.

Chiefs had Eagles cult hero Big Dom on sidelines for Super Bowl win

In the Eagles’ Week 13 game, Big Dom was escorted off the field (and banned from being on the sidelines for the remaining regular season games) because he violently and maliciously attacked (read: gently touched) San Francisco linebacker, Dre Greenlaw.

If that brief, yet paramount interaction had come to blows, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Big Dom would have walked away the victor. You could see in Greenlaw’s eyes that he became a puppy to Big Dom’s Dire Wolf. 

If you know that relationship exists, that Big Dom can turn Greenlaw into an emotional mess, why wouldn’t you use that to your advantage? That’s exactly what the Chiefs did. 

The craziest part of this is that Big Dom didn’t even need to be on the sideline during the game. He has such complete ownership over Greenlaw, that all he had to do was be in the same building as Greenlaw in order to throw him off his game. 

We know how that game turned out. We saw Greenlaw bouncing on his toes on the sideline preparing to run onto the field when he shockingly hurt his Achilles, ending his evening -- not that this had anything to do with Big Dom, but then again, perhaps DiSandro's presence had him more amped up than he otherwise would've been.

Prior to the injury, though, Greenlaw was distracted by the aura of his alpha. He felt the presence of the legend, Big Dom DiSandro, and that's impossible for any player to get out of his head. Big Dom’s presence, and his presence alone, won the Chiefs a Super Bowl… probably.

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