Eminem loses himself with Lions NFC Championship hype in NSFW fashion

Detroit native and avid Lions fans Eminem got the best of some San Francisco 49ers fans.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

The Detroit Lions haven't made a Super Bowl in Eminem's lifetime. Hell, they haven't made the Super Bowl in anyone's lifetime. Detroit has been waiting a long time to celebrate a conference championship.

The Lions were close back in 1991, when they made the conference championship yet lost in Barry Sanders' infancy as a Detroit sports legend. 2023 may be their best opportunity yet. Ask any Lions fans: As great and young as this team looks on paper, the future is far from guaranteed. Eminem knows that better than most, which is why the lifelong Lions fan went all out in San Francisco.

For those who wondered if Eminem would travel to the Bay area, wonder no more. The rapper made sure not to miss his favorite football team competing for a Super Bowl appearance.

Detroit Lions playing against NFL playoff history

Detroit won their first two playoff games against the Rams and Buccaneers in very close fashion. A matchup against the 49ers in San Francisco ensure the Lions would be underdogs. However, San Francisco spotted Detroit a two-touchdown lead in the first quarter.

Regardless of how the Lions season ends, this is one of the more memorable campaigns in Detroit sports history. The Lions stars know they're on the precipice of history. There's a reason Lions fans have been chanting Jared Goff's name at recent Detroit sporting events. The Lions are their best chance at a championship.

"I don't know. I think all three of those situations has very much been about the people that were there," Goff said. "Certainly, I had a hand in it, but for me, I've always had a lot of pride in trying to be the same guy every day. Whether it's hard, whether it's great, whether it's fun, whether it's not, how do you show up every day and be that same guy? That certainly helped me get through it, and maybe it's rubbed off on some other guys along the way. But, yeah, that and optimism, eternal optimism. You're always knowing, thinking the best situation."  

The optimism is fantastic, and it's just getting started in a city which desperately needs a winner.