EuroLeague and International Basketball Big Board, 1.0: Every player on the NBA radar

Whether it's NBA draft prospects, draft-and-stash development projects or role players to steal for a postseason run — international basketball has plenty of names for NBA fans to know. This is FanSided’s one-stop shop for ranking everything in EuroLeague and international basketball: prospects, pros, stashes, and more.

NBL Rd 8 - Brisbane Bullets v Perth Wildcats
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EuroLeague & International Basketball Big Board: Random Players who have caught our eye or we’re intentionally tracking

1. Deion Hammond - 3-and-D wing

Age: 24

Current team: MHP Riesen (BBL - Germany, Basketball Champions League)

Physicals: 6-foot-4, 200 pounds

Stats (All Comps): 9.2 points per game, 1.2 rebounds per game, 0.2 assists per game. 46/38/85 shooting splits.

He might be too small to defend NBA wings, but he’s strong, light on his feet, and has a great center of gravity. He’s committed on the defensive end and has caused problems for high-level wings in Europe with NBA experience already this season. 

He’s an elite shooter too, both in spot-up and off movement. A journeyman’s journeyman, Hammond played in the Netherlands last season and torched the competition before securing an offer from Riesen in Germany this season. He can hang with the continent’s best at a minimum, and that’s impressive given some of his physical limitations. 

2. Jaylen Hands - Score-first point guard

Age: 24

Current team: Peristeri BC (Greek A1, Basketball Champions League)

Physicals: 6-foot-3, 180 pounds

Stats (All Comps): 13.82 points per game, 2.4 rebounds per game, 2.3 assists per game. 46/34/81 shooting splits.

After an impressive season with PAOK in the Greek League, UCLA Alum Jaylen Hands made the move to Peristeri BC - where he’s being coached by EuroLeague legend Vassilis Spanoulis. Similar to Hammond, Hands may never be big enough to play in the NBA but he is unstoppable at times on offense in Europe, particularly coming off screens or when he gets downhill. 

He was one of the best isolation players in Europe last season too, and is dominating similarly with Peristeri this season. He should at least be on a EuroLeague team sooner rather than later. 

3. Samson Froling - Skilled big man

Age: 23

Current team: Illawarra Hawks (NBL - Australia)

Physicals: 6-foot-11, 200 pounds

Stats (All Comps): 13 points per game, 8.4 rebounds per game, 2.15 assists per game. 52/75/67 shooting splits.

Watching the film for so many players can get draining, but one of the best experiences while doing it is when a player you weren’t watching catches your eye. That’s the case with Froling. He’s been giving the business to plenty of the draft prospects in the NBL. 

A highly skilled big man with a good touch who’s showing the ability to make teams pay when they dare him to shoot the three, and a good passer. Like the two before him, he’s probably too small and slow for the NBA but his ability at age 23 is impressive. High-level European teams should be courting him next summer if possible. 

4. Melwin Pantzar - Well-rounded athletic point guard

Age: 23

Current team: Bilbao Basket

Physicals: 6-foot-3 and 190 pounds

Stats (All Comps): 8.87 points per game, 2.67 rebounds per game, 2.67 assists per game. 55/35/72 shooting splits.

A product of Real Madrid’s renowned youth academy, Pantzar is finally getting real ACB run this season with Bilbao. He’s strong, long, and incredibly quick for a guard. The offensive skills need to become more refined but of all the players in this section, he seems most likely to reach the level of an NBA player.