Every NFL franchise's greatest wide receiver ever

Wide receiver has quickly become the second most important position on the field. Looking back, who was the best for each franchise's history?
Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Swann
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New York Giants
Odell Beckham Jr.

Again, we’re going for the stint of greatness over the career of production. Odell Beckham Jr. came onto the scene riding a bullet and bringing life into the end of Eli Manning’s career. He led the league in yards per game in his rookie season, bringing in 108.8 yards per contest. He had north of 130 yards in each of his last four games, capping his rookie season with a 185-yard performance against the Philadelphia Eagles. It had been a while since we saw this combination of flexibility, speed, and ability to get open. Beckham had ups that made us believe he could literally jump over a cornerback.

He continued his dominance, passing 1,000 yards in four of his five seasons in New York. The Giants quickly made it their goal to give the ball to Beckham early and often. He was able to break a big play at a moment’s notice. He had 35 touchdowns in his first three seasons, making the Pro Bowl in each one. He was the Offensive Rookie of the Year quite easily. 

Of course, we all remember that catch on Sunday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. However, he did that all the time. He famously practiced one-handed catches in warm ups, and he could do it in game situations. 

Beckham is behind one player in Giants history in receiving yards over a career. They only have these flashes in the pans, like Frank Gifford, Victor Cruz, Plaxico Burress, and Homer Jones. However, Amani Toomer spent his entire career in Giants blue and many fans are upset he’s not the guy. But for Beckham to have the impact he did for such a short time and still be second all-time is huge.