Falcons, Bill Belichick take first big step towards obvious union

Bill Belichick is one step closer to being the new face of the Falcons franchise.

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The Bill Belichick era in Foxboro officially came to an end on Jan. 11, with the New England Patriots and the enigmatic Hooded One mutually agreeing to part ways. Now, there is rampant speculation regarding the future of the notoriously terse man with six (well, seven, counting his time as a coordinator for the New York Giants) Super Bowl rings.

Out of all the possible landing spots, the Atlanta Falcons seem to make the most sense. They were mathematically in playoff contention this season despite having no franchise quarterback, and because they were respectable with a quarterback who threw as many interceptions as touchdowns, they could be a ripe spot for a head coach/GM "control freak."

According to a report from the NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, Belichick and Falcons owner Arthur Blank have actually met in person, confirming the notion that there is mutual interest between both parties to get something done. Pelissero, of course, cautions that nothing is "imminent" at this early stage in talks.

Bill Belichick can make a major statement with the Atlanta Falcons

However, it isn't hard to see that there is a lot that would make sense about a union between the Falcons/Blank and Belichick. Blank is probably tired of hiring ho-hum, middling options and wants someone who can grab the organization, change the culture of it, and create some buzz and excitement without, you know, actually being "exciting" in all the wrong ways.

Belichick is safe. He's stable. He may not be the best GM, but he is, statistically speaking, the greatest coach of all time. And he is probably more motivated than ever after his recent failures in Foxboro post-Tom Brady, surely eager to prove that there should be no Brady-sized asterisk around the claim to his status as the GOAT head coach.

The Falcons made it to the Super Bowl, only to be crushed by Brady's and Belichick's clutch brilliance. Yet it was, of course, the man on the field who received much of the credit. If Belichick can bring a ring to Atlanta and turn them into a true powerhouse year after year - just as he did in the Boston area - then he will be the man to soak up the praise almost entirely to himself.

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