Former Steelers first-round bust take bizarre Mike Tomlin hatred to the next level

The Cleveland Browns are hosting a former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker who would take the rivalry to a new level.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers rivalry goes way back. Devin Bush knows all about it.

And while it may come as a surprise that Bush will visit the Browns on Thursday, those in the know understand this is personal for him.

Bush was drafted in the first round out of Michigan in 2019. After some initial success as a middle linebacker in the Steelers defense, Bush went down with a knee injury and was never the same. Eventually, Pittsburgh parted ways with its former Day 1 selection, who would sign on with the Seattle Seahawks.

Devin Bush really hates the Steelers and Mike Tomlin

A year in Seattle did Bush some good, as he was able to learn from the likes of Bobby Wagner and play some meaningful snaps as well. Unfortunately, he never let his grudge against the Steelers go. Bush spoke out against Pittsburgh's coaching staff, including Mike Tomlin, in 2023.

“It had a lot to do with the culture,” Bush said about why he left the Steelers. “The history behind it is what it is. Talking to Coach [Pete] Carroll on frequent occasions, I feel like it was a good fit. He is extending that culture he is familiar with and trying to get those guys in there that just love football. Watching them last year, you know they were in the playoffs.”

Bush continued down this winding road, even going as far to as to insult Tomlin directly, insinuating that he doesn't care about his team.

“It’s way beyond the X’s and O’s, He obviously cares a lot about his team,” Bush continued. “180 completely. I can’t wait to get in there and go against my first opponent and shoot the lights out. I’m excited.”

Perhaps Bush fits the Browns scheme. Depth in the middle of their linebacking corps won't hurt matters, either. But signing Bush will only give Tomlin and the Steelers more bulletin-board material. Don't fall for the trap, Cleveland.

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